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Speed dating glasgow 40+

A gangster speed dating glasgow 40+ was on license from jail led police on a high speed car chase when they tried to take him back into custody. Mark Richardson Jnr was given 18-months in prison for culpable and reckless conduct after fleeing from police in 2016.

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speed dating glasgow 40+

The 31-year-old had been been tailed through streets in the north of Glasgow, weaving in and out of other vehicles as a police helicopter kept watch overhead. Edinburgh-based Richardson is believed to have initially thought it was rival criminals who were following him. But, after dumping the Mini in Glasgow’s Springburn and getting into another car, he was soon snared by officers from the Organised Crime and Terrorism Unit. Police were after Richardson on warrant as part of an organised crime investigation in Edinburgh, as well as a recall to prison order. He had been part of a nine-strong major crime mob who were jailed for a total of 87 years in January. The jail-term will run consecutively to the eight years and nine months he was given at the high court for having a Glock handgun.

Detectives learned he had moved from the capital and had been staying in Glasgow. On December 19, a helicopter was deployed as part of targeted activity to apprehend Richardson during which time he was spotted entering a black Mini. Richardson became aware of the helicopter and made off at excessive speed, driving on the opposing carriageway before abandoning the car at an Esso petrol station in Keppochill Road. He then got into another vehicle before subsequently being arrested by officers from the Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism Unit. It is believed Richardson had previously been warned his life may be in danger. Detective Inspector Graeme Naysmith from the East OCCTU said: “Significant police resources were utilised to apprehend Mark Richardson Jnr, who was actively doing all he could to avoid detection. On the day of his eventual arrest, Richardson drove at speeds exceeding 65mph in a 30mph zone while fleeing police.

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