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Sm confirms baekhyun dating

I have a toothache watching this but I still want moar, lol that is the power of combining Mark Chao and Yang Mi in any setting nowadays. The collection is all red sm confirms baekhyun dating black and white accents but actually looks quite wearable in real life even outside of wearing red for the holiday.

A beautiful color match and well suited couple. Higher Power is watching over us? Most recent removal is today from Lee Se Young’s article. Pretty couple and great chemistry oozing from them. Hoping to see the two of them as cameos together in Pillow Book. I will wait for this reunion. Awww when perfect couple unite they have best chemistry together and sure they can act .

He’s looking very fabulous and she looks lovely. They are my number one priority couple in any movie or drama. Pray, they would pair off again in anything especially another drama. Their chemistry is very much alive .

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