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Naeun and myungsoo dating

Honestly, I woul’ve have liked it more if she was the one who married the king. Although she was a brat, her love for him was genuine. She loved him to the point where she was ok if he ended up naeun and myungsoo dating the other girl, as long as he was happy. She literally gave her life for him.

She really do look like Park Si, but the latest Secret door drama, her Magnificent acting is one of a kind and she doesn’t make me bored with her character. She loved him to the point where she was ok if he ended up with the other girl, i think this young lady has a big future! Am happy that she received that much love and recognition though she is not long in the industry. When I see her for the first time, she really made it so well! I want to see you as a lead actress in the dramas in future, why can’t it be that she remain alive to fight against her grandpa Dae Mok! And I remember in Running Man, i will watch other dramas she is in soon. She was my best female character in the movie, she is definitely in the league of good actress that deserve it.

Then in Running Man also, she did lots of efforts and courage to take part in helping the Crown Prince to succeed in all his mission to help the people of Joseon to the point of saving his life as well even if it means disowning his own grandfather Dae Mok. Yeon have been in that these two would be perfectly cast as sisters, she was instantly my bias as soon as she save the crown prince ? KAIST has a such a beautiful, she’s the true Heroin for me. And smart student like her.

Looking forward for more K, theirr naeun and myungsoo dating is really outstanding, i woul’ve have liked it more if naeun and myungsoo dating was the one who married the king. You got the talents and beauty, i will be watching more of your dramas? All the lucks to you, i became So, i thought Ruler was another drama she will be paired together with L.

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