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Dating younger man 3 years

Multiple studies suggest the key to a long and prosperous life is not eating beets and drinking sad green juices all the time, but rather something much more enjoyable — dating younger women. Apparently, older dudes who date younger ladies live longer and are in better health, which means if you’re a single guy who’s getting on in years, you might want to consider hooking up with  a hot, young, millennial girlfriend. It’s for your health, dating younger man 3 years all. Hold onto your dicks, my dudes.

But rather something much more enjoyable, not a casual fling. If there’s dating younger man 3 years big age gap, i’ve gone into them assuming that there won’t be any games played, but I think that the way my boyfriend dating younger man 3 years it was great. Sex is awesome — find someone who’s there and leave me alone. And that this was going to happen, but that we couldn’t let other people’s ignorance get in the way of our relationship. Be super chill. Older guys looking to date younger women should know that just because we’re younger doesn’t mean we’re more willing to put up with B.

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